February 17, 2013

1956 Fashion Trends

Today’s graphics are some beautiful fashion plates from a 1956 magazine.  I love the dresses the magazine is full of ideas and patterns to do the dresses.  I am thinking of creating some digital scraps with them.  

Decoupage them in your toiletries or cosmetic projects or use them in any sort of ladies’ related projects. 

For Inspirations, Ideas & Tutorials on how to use Vintage Graphics don’t forget to visit our Vintage Inspired Decor Blog: Boulevard de L’antique.  We feature new projects every week.

Enjoy creating & crafting,



  1. Are you aware that you are probably violating the copyright of the magazine you took the illustrations from? Did you ask the magazine for permission to reproduce the illustrations on your blog? You'd better check that out!

  2. Hi Erika....I was born in 1950 and I see the pattern for the little blue dress that my mom made me in first grade. It truly is the same pattern.
    Thanks for sharing!

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